69 Subaru Maintenance

Subaru Maintenance

Performance upgrades are the heart of the Subaru Enthusiast. @ Route 69 Racing we offer upgrades to include Engine builds, Full motor swaps, motor and driveline upgrades , suspension upgrades, bushing replacement to custom wiring.

Oil and Fluids

One of the most important parts of keeping your Subaru stress free is changing your fluids regularly. We use quality AMSOIL products that extend the life of your Subaru. And don't forget things like your transmission and differential fluids. Your Subaru is blessed with an amazing AWD system, its important to take care of all moving parts with regular fluid changes


DON'T WAIT FOR THE SQUEAK! The most important parts to make sure work when you need them. 

Tune ups & injector cleaning

Today's cars seem to run forever and gone are the days of  yearly tune ups. But many systems still need maintained, spark plugs need changed, Fuel injectors can get corroded over time. 

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