About Us


Route 69 Racing is your Subaru performance, maintenance and repair shop for the Las Vegas area!We are here to service all your Subaru needs from oil changes to engine builds, suspension and brake repair/upgrades, and electrical/lighting repair/upgrades.We offer some of the most competitive rates in town, come by the shop or give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Hi, my name is Darin, I am the owner of Route 69 Racing. I was first introduced to Subaru’s back in 1996 and my interest peaked while watching Colin McRae help Subaru win 3 manufacturers titles in WRC.

Fast forward to 2002 when the WRX was released in the USA, I test drove one and fell in love, I bought my Bugeye and it has been Subaru ever since. I started out working on my own car and in 2004 teamed up with Chad, aka Subachad, and started working on my car and other peoples Subaru’s on the weekends.The coming of the 2009 financial crisis found me laid off from my career of 17 years and contemplating what to do next. I decided I would use the time off to take a step back and figure things out, meanwhile I had a JDM V4 STi engine and drive train sitting in my garage so I decided to finally swap it into my 1996 Impreza L wagon. I finished the swap in about three months and the amount of knowledge I gained of older Impreza’s and japan market Subaru’s was astounding. The knowledge gained from my swap coupled with what I had learned over the past 10 years working on every year Impreza from 1993 thru 2013, daily drivers to 700hp Sti's.  

Fueled my desire to open my own shop. I had long seen a void in the market for a local specialty shop so with the support of my family, friends, and the local Subaru community, I was able to open Route 69 Racing to fulfill the needs of both the average driver and the performance enthusiast alike.